1. I want to model badly!! Sorry, random moment....
  2. Welcome to the forum! Wishing you the best with your career! :biggrin:
  3. Welcome to tPF!! Good luck with your future career goals!
  4. Well...are you hot??

  5. good luck! maybe you wanna post some pics? :smile:
  6. I've done a teeny tiny bit, nothing special at all, but really like it myself.....always got sidetracked with school and fulltime jobs but am going to go to an agency that a friend of mine referred me to soon to hopefully get into some commercial work (only 5'6") before I get too old.....I say give it a shot, what do you have to lose!
  7. Go for it!
  8. Good Luck to you:yes:

    I hope everything goes great for ya, :woohoo:

    I wish you the best!!!;)
  9. Good Luck =D