ModelCo Lash Boost - BIG mistake?!

  1. I bought a tube of Model Co Lash Boost about 3 months ago.

    It is a thick, white formula that you apply at night to your lashes (like any old mascara) before you go to bed. Then, in the morning, you gently rinse off with warm water.

    Apparently, its supposed to be a 'growth' boosting formula - promoting healthy, long & strong lashes with continued use.

    According to their website;
    "LASH BOOST gives your lashes the ‘boost’ they’ve always needed by conditioning, thickening and lengthening lashes.
    LASH BOOST is a nourishing treatment for the eyelashes which coats, protects and strengthens each lash whilst stimulating growth. It contains proteins and nutrients that conditions lashes to make them longer and thicker."

    WRONG. I couldn't be more unhappy with this product! :mad:
    Where to begin?!
    Well when I awoke each morning, I had found my eyelashes to have glooped together to form one, big, rock-hard eyelash! (looked freaky!)
    And as I was rinsing it off, it was hard to remove. It wanted to sit there like glue. So, I used my thumb and index finger to gently 'slide' the product off.
    This caused my lashes to either break, or be plucked out with it!

    Now, my lashes are very short (less then 3mm), with some 'blad' patches where there are none at all!!! :wtf:

    This cost me $27! And while I love their eyeshadows & lipglosses, I am just so angry that it did the opposite of what it was supposed to!

    Has anyone else had this happen to them?! Im never using it again!

  2. are you sure it wasnt old? I wonder why it was thick like old mascarra
  3. eeewww! Thanks for the warning!
  4. No it was brand new. And I paid the full price... Thats why I checked the ModelCo website (i thought i may have done something wrong?)
    So I kept trying... ggrrr... that product is just impossible!
  5. im sorry to hear that happened to you, that really stinks!! Thanks for warning us.
  6. Im sorry to hear that happened to you. Hope your eyelashes will grow back in no time. you can use false eylashes for the meantime. :smile:
    I've actually used it. but not that often. and i agree about all you said. when it dries up, your eyelashes are being glooped together. and yes, it does look freaky. and yes it's hard to remove. So i apply Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil first before washing it. and leave it there for about 10seconds. then rinse. and so far, no problem. But i would not buy this again.:nogood:
    But i do love their Lash Wand-Heated Eye Lash Curler.
  7. That's terrible...hope your eyelashes grow back quickly.
    I don't think any of these eyelash growth treatments actually work.
  8. Yikes! That's awful. Thanks for the warning. I'm thinking about trying Revitalash--I think some members had a good experience with it. Maybe that could help your lashes grow out...
  9. hmmm i guess so... ive got no problem with using fake lashes if it comes to it... its just very annoying..

    fashion_gurl888, im glad someone knows what im talking about! I know its not a very popular product but at least i know another person has tried it, and not liked it... cleansing oil you say?
    Hmm.. yes that would have made it slide straight off... but no, im not going to use it again...
    It really is too much mucking around...

    and lv-lover, who knows? i mean wheres the proof that these actually work? We lose eyelashes everyday so it'd be hard to keep track of!

    No, i think if you're after longer lashes, you've got 3 options:
    1. Fake lashes
    2. Lengthening mascara
    3. Professional eyelash extensions at salons.

    skip this product! Not worth the trouble!
  10. try talika lipocils. i've used it for about 6 months and its helped, even if it's just to thicken the lashes. you can get a tube from sephora.
  11. Thankyou very much ichelle i will look that up now :yes:
  12. i didnt even know they made stuff for that but its a good idea
  13. omg what a nightmare :sad:
  14. Yes i'm using Shu's Cleansing Oil. But any make-up removers will do. You jst have to leave it for a little while before you rinse it off.
    Hope everything works out well:smile:
  15. Here is a cheap tip that really does work. To thicken your eyelashes, use johnsons baby shampoo twice a week. This really does help. It wont make them grow, but it helps take all the oils and crap off of them and gives each lash a thicker appearance.