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  1. hey guys!!

    i know there is alot of stuff out there about it and with all the tv shows, you know the ones i mean, top model, make me a supermodel etc.... but i was wondering who had any experences with it in reality, and what they felt about it, hot or not?
    i have had a few close misses with the whole ordeal, so any fun or not so fun stories would be great to hear about.

  2. just from having friends who were in the business, it's like acting. making a living at it is like winning the lottery no matter how beautiful or photogenic you are. that said, if you are willing to take a lot of cruel criticism and pound the pavement relentlessly, not take no for an answer, believe in yourself and know you still might not make it, then modeling is for you. I don't want to discourage you - just let you know what you are in for and if this doesn't discourage you then you are on your way!
  3. to be honest i'm not sure its for me at all, but then i am even less sure i'm for them, i mean i am a mixed british, malaysian (complete coctail of asia) who's only 5'6.5, i was hoping that hearing some reality would finally put that demon to rest, if you get me...
  4. I say you need to test the waters to make sure. experience is the only way to know. otherwise you'll just kick yourself that you never tried! it all depends too on what look is "in" at the moment. so never take anything personally.
  5. I completely agree with bagsnshoofetish.

    I never tried and sometimes I think about it but I left the desire to do so behind. I'm only a teeny bit short of 5'6" so that already knocks me out in certain categories.

    You won't know unless you try.
  6. I thought of something else too. I'm assuming you are talking about just "supermodel" here. Don't forget, you don't have to be 6'0" to do commercial print or television. Thats why acting classes might be a good idea as well if you are serious about getting into the business of modeling.
    good luck. keep us posted!
  7. I did a bit of modeling as well as pageantry. But only for fun and I don't really plan to pursue a career.

    What I know is that to be a standard runway model, ladies need to be at least 5'9. They don't really take into account your face or how photogenic or beautiful you are. The only reqs that they really consider (or so I've been told) are height and slimness. Again, these are general.

    Print models come in all sizes, shapes, and ages. You get jobs based on what "look" a company needs on their print ads (such as magazines, etc.). For those, your face is definitely one of the most important features.

    In order to be a SUPERMODEL, you need to have both figure and face (you can do both print and runway).

    Hope that helps! And I do think if you have the opportunity, you should go for it. If nothing else, it pays well!
  8. Why not do some research and maybe sign up with a legit modeling agency? Beware of fake agencies that just want to rip you off! Test the water... you just never know. Don't dream, but DO IT!!
  9. That's true!! There are a lot of scams out there! I remember reading about a huge one in NY a while ago.
  10. good rule of thumb - a legit agency will never ask you for money for photos or for anything for that matter. if they believe in you - they will absorb the cost of whatever you need because they make money off you if you get jobs.
  11. There are exceptions to every rule though.. I mean, look at Kate Moss. She's 5'6. Twiggy is also shorter, 5'4.
  12. very true. rare, but true.
  13. i have been picked up by a few agencys, including select, which is quite big in the uk. but i never really did much to help myself and now i dont know whether to go looking or not. before they spotted me, which is kinda different from looking yourself. i'm not super confident and it's not really my style to self advertise. so maybe its not for me?