1. Hey everyone. I was wondering if any of you are models or used to model? I am just starting out and need advice on how to break into the business. What a dream it would be to actually model my favorite handbags. sigh...
  2. I did small amounts of local modeling, but can't really offer advice, but wanted to wish you the best of luck!
  3. What kind of modeling are you interested in ?
  4. Dont have any advice, but just wanted to wish you luck. You will do great.:biggrin:
  5. When I was in my twenties I was hoping to do some modeling. I went to Rochester Institute of Technology and made some contacts in the Photography Department because the students who are going into fashion photography need to put together their portfolios and need models. So, I modeled for three or four students. Then, one of the professors took some head shots of me too. So I got a nice little portfolio of my own -- for free. Never did do any modeling because the agencies wouldn't consider anyone as short as me (5'3"). But I still have the photos, and they are really nice to have after all these years.
  6. (im a guy) i was fat my entire life and until recently i lost 20kg, finally im thin (almost perfect)!!! i love my face (i have a bad nose, ears and gap teeth but i would never fix it ive lernt to love my imperfections) i think i look good but i do need to work on my body a bit (if i were to be a model) i want to be a fashion designer but i love modeling and i watch top model everyday, i practice runway everyday cos its so much fun!!!! and i always look ferce when entering a room now that i have a body to work on i am concidering modeling for fun, may parents wouldnt approve but i think it would be great fun!!!!
  7. I use to model when I was 16-17...I honestly thought it would be a glam job and it sooo wasnt.It was hard with hours that interfered with my I stopped as I started getting home at 2 am from new york on a school night. I can honestly say I didnt like it at all...which really surprised me as I was really into fashion.You have to make PERMaNANT(Cut,color,things that take years to GROW OUT!) hair changes if they ask.....and have to be very flexible with their wants..doesnt matter how YOU like yourself. Just know what you are getting into before you jump into it....

  8. yah, i know about the permanant changes. those hours sound very demanding though. but, i want this so bad i would be willing to make those kind of sacrifices.
  9. i did a bit when I was a kid.. no advice for u though. I would love to be a model, but I am wayy too short.. 5'4"...
  10. you have to be very, very tall (at least 5'10") and stick skinny to be a runway model.
    and YOUNG. like 16, if you ever want to make it really big. 20somethings, the girls on America's Next Top Model, are really too old to ever have really made it in real life vs. reality tv.

    This is generally speaking, but there are always exceptions. And you don't have to be a runway model, people always need print models in all shapes and sizes, and you can also model pieces of yourself if you have an especially nice feature (hands, feet, etc) where weight/height don't matter.

    You need to get a portfolio done by a photographer, not a fantasticly elaborate or expensive one, but a solid one with shots of yourself up close and full body. then you should send it out to different agencies (you'll have to move to New York most likely. MAYBE LA or Miami depending on the kind of work you get) and see what they say about you.

    There's a gigantic thread on modeling at the fashion spot forums:

    hope that helps! I've often thought about it (been told I should) but I'm not quite tall enough and I think the thinness factor might kill me, I've had enough struggles with food in my life. but it still seems so appealing. good luck to you!