Model Walks into Propeller

  1. Poor girl! What a tragic, easily avoided accident. It's true that you can't see the propellers when they're spinnning and I'm sure at night it's even worse. Depending on the configuration of the plane, they're not always in the same place either. It's easy to see how this could happen - very sad and I hope she's back 100% very soon.
  2. Her recovery is going to be difficult, but I'm glad to hear she is in good spirits. It is a difficult battle, but I wish her (and your family) the best.
  3. Yeah, but at a small airport there there could well be a plane two tiny-plane parking spaces down or a plane across the way that has its propeller running or is about to turn it on. That is why it is also imperative that people not walk near any propeller at any time.
  4. it is a very unfortunate accident and it could have been easily avoided. the girl has to face this bravely, i wish her all the strength, it won't be easy to say the least.
  5. How unfortunate but how did this come about and why would she put herself in danger like that .RIP
  6. ???? did she die :sad:
  7. ^No, she didn't.
  8. anyone seen the TMZ picture of her?
  9. I saw it. She actually looks really good considering what she has been through.
  10. She survived the accident,now she's reaching out to true religion to help her replace her favorite jeans she lost in december :confused1: