Model Walks into Propeller

  1. It´s so sad.
    Poor girl.
  2. I'm glad she's alive and her brain is not damaged. Sounds very serious to walk into a turbine.
  3. How horrible. She's lucky to be alive after that.
  4. I do have sympathy, I promise. But I couldn't help but read the title of it sounded like a joke... "Have you heard teh one about the model who walked into an airplane propeller?"

    Glad she is okay, that could have been fatal!!!
  5. I cringed when I heard this news...a dear friend had this same thing happen many years is imperative that the propeller be turned off and stop rotating BEFORE anyone is allowed to leave the plane!! Best wishes to her and hers.:sad:
  6. How does this kind of thing happen to people??
  7. I feel really bad for her, but I just dont understand how you walk away from a plane...then run back any where even close to moving propellers to say bye to the pilot. I just dont understand. Im guessing its one of those seriously "freak" accidents...Im glad she is going to be alright, but so sad that she lost her hand and eye.
  8. I read somewhere that the pilot is being investigated for allowing her to de-plane before the propeller was completely stopped. I think it's against regulations.
  9. I honestly thought the same thing! Then later on I read a comment about this story and it kinda put it in perspective for me... the gist of it was:
    a) when propellers are spinning, you can't see them, even in daylight
    b) it was night when she was disembarking
    c) she was presumably at an airfield, which is noisy anyway, so she would not have been able to discern the sound of her plane's propeller from all the other noise.

    ....all this together, is exactly why pilots are compelled by regulations to always shut off the propeller before allowing passengers to disembark. I read that she had gone up to the front of the plane to thank the pilot for the flight.

    The whole situation reads like a horrific blonde joke gone wrong ("a blonde walks into a ..."), and I AM a blonde so I feel I am allowed to say that!, but in fact, it's perfectly understandable how this happened. The pilot was negligent, end of story.

    Terrible for her family. She sounds like a very brave girl with a lot of spirit, to be recovering the way she seems to be.
  10. Oh wow, thanks for responding..I didnt know any of that! It makes a lot more sence now...I hope she keeps it up, she sounds like she has a really good perspective on everything.
  11. wishing her a speedy recovery...she seems like a wonderful and brave young lady!!!!
  12. It's also against common sense.