Model w mademoiselle lock, classic chain?

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  1. Hi,

    I am planning my first Chanel purchase and need some advice from you experts: I want a black reissue or classic double flap medium, the latter probably in Caviar leather. My "problem" is that I really like the Mademoiselle lock of the reissue but prefer the chain with leather pleating on the classic. Now I have seen on eBay a sort of cross between the two, with the overall look of the classic but the reissue lock... :drool:

    Is this an authentic model and if so, what is it called? Many thanks in advance!!! :smile:
  2. Hi helenama! I believe the model you are talking about is what we call the "hybrid." I'm not sure Chanel has a proper name for it but you should find several pictures in the reference library.
  3. Thanks hipnycmom! :yes:
  4. The Hybrid flaps do not have leather in the chains. They have the darker ruthenium chains. They looked like caviar leather but were a softer, more distressed leather.

    There are "classic" flaps that have been made with chain straps, and then there was a bag made last year (in black and brown) that had somewhat distressed leather, the leather intertwined in the straps and the mademoiselle closure!

    The reference library is a good place to study the different bags!
  5. oo ! the hybrid wud be perfect for u!!..
  6. Yes it is an authentic model. Someone here on TPF has one with the mademoiselle lock & classic chain. It was a black lambskin one, not the hybrid one. I never can remember the threads that I see certain things in. Maybe if you try doing a search here on TPF, you can get lucky & find the thread with the picture of it. I wish that I could help you more, but I just can't remember where on TPF it was.
  7. Ok. Here you go! I did some searching and found some comparison photos for you! The bag you are talking about is the first one. I found the pics in this thread:

    The first photo is courtesy of chloe_concord and it is of the Classic Lambskin Flap with the interwoven leather straps.

    For comparison - Second pic is of Celia Hish's Classic Caviar Flap with no leather in the chains.

    Third pic is courtesy of vip_style and it is of the Hybrid Reissue...looks like Caviar but is softer and distressed.

    So many styles!!! All of them nice! :yahoo:

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  8. i'd love to get this flap if they make it again in the future (probably will anyway!:biggrin:)

    hopefully with the same length of chain straps like the jumbo :smile:
  9. Ooh, the black flap in Photomj's last post is just the one! To die for! :drool:Thank you! I'll have to keep an eye on Ebay then if they don't make them anymore... :crybaby:
  10. Besides the traditional black lambskin hybrid flaps they sometimes make seasonal bags with the interwoven chain and mademoiselle lock. I have a 07 brown distressed lambskin bag with the mademoiselle lock and the interwoven chain. I borrowed a pic from the reference library to show you [​IMG]
  11. U are sooo helpful...sweet!

  12. i personally think the white hybrid looks the best. the one that rachel bilson has been seen wearing. the red looks good too!
  13. Oh the hybrid is lovely! Why so many to choose from....where to start :smile:!