Model To Undergo Plastic Surgery To Make Her Eyes Look Asian

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  1. LAWL she needs smaller eyeballs :biggrin:
  2. That's CRAZY! :shocked: She's a plastic surgery addict!
  3. She's crazy!!!! 47 times? That's disgusting.
  4. I wonder how much prettier she really was before she started hacking away at herself.
  5. Now that's just plain silly!
  6. I agree! That is silly!
  7. Wow, so she had her first plastic surgery operation when she was 21.... she is 36 right now.. She's had 42 surgeries. I'm thinking she had at least 2-3 a year!!
  8. Not into her 'porno' nails. They make her look older than she is.
  9. I just googled her name, and in the pics I found she's actually pretty attractive except for the boob job with the capsular contraction. Amazing someone had that many surgeries and doesn't look like Michael Jackson.
  10. OMG SO many times!! That's just ridiculous
  11. LOL that's one way to beat rising medical costs, marry the Dr who does your surgeries ;)
  12. 47! Was 'she' originally a 'he'???
  13. Ewwwwww!
  14. WOW! Just think of all the good she could do with all that money and time on her hands. GET A LIFE!!!:nuts: