Model Sues Jewelry Company, Saying Ad Makes Her Look Lewd


    Model Sues Jewelry Company, Saying Ad Makes Her Look Lewd

    NEW YORK — A model who says she has worked hard to maintain a wholesome image has filed a $5 million lawsuit complaining that a jewelry company's video advertisement in which she writhes and moans looks pornographic.
    The commercial, seen on the Internet in a clip entitled "Rock Her World," shows a woman wearing blue lacy lingerie and a diamond necklace while moaning and stroking her face and neck. It ends with the Web address for the jewelry company,

    The 37-year-old woman claims in her lawsuit that she did not "consent to or authorize the use of her likeness, picture, image or name to simulate a female having an orgasm or otherwise experiencing sexual pleasure."
    "Indeed, the music to the commercial is bump-and-grind burlesque type music, which further provides the advertisement with a decidedly pornographic look, feel and sound," states the lawsuit, which was filed Monday in Manhattan's state Supreme Court.
    The plaintiff, identified only as Jane Doe, says in court papers she won the role in the commercial for Szul Jewelry Inc. in November. She says the idea was that an average guy would get a woman excited by putting a necklace on her.

    Three-fourths of the filming of the commercial, shot Nov. 9 by Q2 Entertainment in a studio in Queens, involved a comedic story line, but the woman later was told to sit and feign excitement for a few seconds while the young man put the necklace on her, the lawsuit says.
    After that scene, the court papers say, the director told her to fake excitement while lying down, without smiling.
    "He asked her to keep repeating the action until he thought he got the most authentic looking film piece," they say.
    The plaintiff, who is a married graduate student in elementary education, "has worked hard to project a wholesome image and has been extremely careful to avoid doing any work in the industry that would cheapen or tarnish her reputation," the lawsuit states.
    The lawsuit names Szul Jewelry, Q2 Entertainment and Q2 principal Mitchell Goldman as defendants. None of the defendants immediately responded to telephone messages seeking comment.
    The woman is asking for $2.5 million in compensatory damages and $2.5 million in punitive damages.
  2. .....are you serious?

  3. Um the whole feigning orgasm part doesn't really help her case IMHO.
  4. Is this a joke?
  5. She posed provocatively (knowing it will be aired publically) and later wants $5 million for her stupid mistake. Why do the court systems waiste their time/money on these these mindless lawsuits.:cursing:
  6. she just wants the cash.what kind of model is she?
  7. Is she kidding? She made the movements and sounds, right? The producers of the video had to have her sign a release and they could use it anyway they saw fit. She hasn't got a case. At 37, she should be lucky she can still model!

    Here is the ad on youtube:
  8. ^^ thats what im saying, thats her body making the movements and her voice doing the sound. what did she think she was doing? singing?

    by the way, that was a retarded commercial. I like the Debeer commercials better
  9. ^^Personally I like the Axe Body spray commercials better. Bawchickabowwow :graucho:
  10. Throw in some Ikea meatballs and we'd have a real party.
  11. :roflmfao:
  12. LOL Candace. Soon meatballs will be a must have in every thread!:tup:
  13. She is a model, she gets paid.....I am sure she signed a release. Maybe this is her 15 minutes of fame. It will get on uTube. A Paris Hilton wannabe????
  14. ^ LOL agreed! :lol:
    I hope she gets nothing but a big stack of legal bills!!
  15. Unless this is an orchestrated publicity stunt to get more people to view the ad - it doesn't look well put together and it's really only available on youtube? Seems like a possible viral marketing campaign.