Model sues carmaker over advertisement

  2. Yeah, well, you also signed a contract with a world wide car company for $2,000, so I'm not sure you're the sharpest tack in the box.

    I'm not really sure what 'unlimited usage' means in that context. Does she get unlimited usage of the car or do they get unlimited usage of her image?

    And by the way .... she doesn't look Swedish. If I'm getting the right Bio when I search her name, she was born in Florida.
  3. If anything, she just deep-sixed her career for good. Suing your agency (especially Ford) and a client? Not a smart move. "Unlimited usage" means they get unlimited usage of her image for all references to the Volvo S40.

    The type of client (in this case, Volvo) really has nothing to do with her not being smart -- this type of contract is typical for any print model and any client, no matter the size. And really, $2K for one image isn't a bad deal. I'm surprised she didn't negotiate any residual income from that usage, though. But that might be if she wasn't a member of a union (SAG or AFTRA).

    The Swedish inference had to do with the car, not the nationality of the model.
  4. She is 30. She probably wasn't planning on modeling much longer anyways. So no big deal if she has deep sixed her career by suing.
  5. I agree, she has nothing to lose, IMO.
  6. seriously? suing? how stupid.
  7. to my understanding it means the client (it can be a production company, advertising agency, or the ad agency's corporate client) gets unlimited usage of the image (or a series of images from a single photoshoot).

    because normally you'd do a photoshoot for a product/service and the contract will state that they'll use an image for so-and-so purposes (billboards, online ads, brochures) for a year. if the company/ad agency decides to use the image for another year, you're supposed to get a renewal contract. i've seen other models sue companies for using their photos for longer than intended, but never for the MANNER they are used.

    personally, i think unless you're desperate you shouldn't agree to unlimited use of your photos.

    don't know how i feel about this. i've been scouted to model for ads before (because i'm short :lol:), but i never pass auditions and even when i get pass a non-audition, i back down if i think it could ruin my reputation or jeopardize my career in the long-term (i want a job in international relations). ironically, i've actually seen a candid photo of myself on a bus advertising property/real estate. my mother noticed it first. we didn't sue. i was too lazy to sue. besides, we had property in the same neighborhood and wanted to in good terms with the developer. now that i'm broke, i wonder how much i could've gotten in damages. :hrmm:
  8. Sorry but I if I accepted a deal to be in Volvo ads, all the Volvo ads Volvo wants, I would not be happy to see my image as the face of an escort service either :nono:
    What she was paid, how smart she is, etc. . . is irrelevant to me.
    She signed a deal for Volvo to use her image w/ one of the models of cars they offer. . .