Model & Post *PIX* of your Dior "GLOSSY" Sunglasses!

  1. Saw these on E.Lux and thinking about getting a pair...if any of you ladies own these and would like to share pix of it, please do...these sunglasses are hott!!! :supacool:


    DiorDior Glossy Large Sunglasses$260.00
    Hello, dahling. Dior's glamorous sunglasses add instant chic and intrigue to your style, with all of the enigmatic elegance of a classic Hollywood star. The large contoured frames work surprisingly well on almost all face shapes. Finished with a signature touch of Dior glamour at the temples.
    • Glossy, beveled plastic frames
    • Polished metal "Dior" at temples: silver on Black frames; gold on White,Havana and transparent brown frames
    • Full sun protection
    • Made in Italy

    Pix of Victoria Beckham with the similiar frames:

  2. I have these but no pic with them on :sad:
    I TOTALLY suggest getting them! My face goes with a lot of different sunglasses, not to sound conceided, but I have at least 3 friends with totally different face shapes & these go good with them.
  3. I have these too but unfortunately no pics of me wearing them, but here's some pics of celebs wearing their CD Glossy sunnies in different colours.
    Glossy_1.jpg Glossy_2.jpg Glossy_3.jpg Glossy_4.jpg
  4. I have a pair was well but no pix...get them. I believe they are most flattering on anyone.
  5. I tried these on at the store. Not flattering on anyone. They looked horrible on me.
  6. ^^sorry to hear that sina. I believe they look hot on me.
  7. Thanks for posting some pix! I'm thinking of getting the brown and black! =)
  8. thanks for the link too! =D
  9. ^^anytime:smile:
  10. I didn't mean not flattering on anyone, I meant not flattering on EVERYone. lol. I just reread that and I realized I worded it wrong. :p
  11. I love those sunglasses! :drool::heart:
    I will get them.
  12. [​IMG]

    i found another pic of this online...

    Jackie-O! :smile:
  13. Paris Hilton in her Black "Glossy" 1s, doing autographs