Model pics of Tiffany Bow earrings?

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  1. Hi, I'd love to buy my sister some mini Tiffany silver bow earrings for her 21st, but I'd prefer to see a picture of someone wearing them so I can get an idea of size etc. before I buy them. Does anyone have them?
  2. not the best pic...but it was taken in a hurry on my phone. hope you can get the idea.

    I love them.

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  3. Thanks :biggrin:They're gorgeous but not really my sisters kind of thing I think I might get her the bow necklace instead...
    Wish I had pierced ears now :shucks:
  4. I've been itching for a pair (but silver earrings turn dark on me quickly)!! I just looked on the website and theres a gold version for $300, anyone know if its the same size?
  5. Hi, i have the xmas brochure and the earrings are the same size as the silver.

    I am hoping to get the mini silver pendant. its so cute, i only like the tiny versions of all the pendants, my fave is the peretti open heart in small. I prefer things small and understated. :smile:
  6. I have these earrings and wear them almost every single day! I'm 21 also :smile:
  7. Is 25 too old to wear these?
  8. I don't think 25 is too old to wear the bow earings I was thinking of getting a pair in yg & I am nearly 40. :nuts:
  9. yeah they come in the same sizes,
  10. ugh im 24 and i wear bows everywhere! :smile:

  11. i think the mini is too small, i would go for the medium
  12. I tried the bow earrings in store and they are SUPER cute! My only problem now is I can't wear silver earrings for a long time otherwise my ears get irritated. I also tried the gold but the silver color looked better. Does tiffanys take custom orders? I would love a pair in rose gold or white gold.
  13. I can't wear silver earrings either -my ears are VERY sensitive. I have several pairs of silver Tiffany earrings and would love to purchase the bow earrings as well. I'm 25 too and don't think I'm too old for them hehe:smile: A few Tiffany SAs have told me that all of their earring posts are gold or gold-plated and I've never had any allergic reactions. I would die for these in rose gold too!!

  14. Yay!! Good to know! Because I *really* want them!

  15. Thank you! Now I want them even more!