Model Numbers for City

  1. Hi Everyone:

    I just got a black City from BalNY which came without tags for tassels, along with a receipt of it being sold to someone in Texas. (I did another post regarding that.) I was looking at the tag inside the bag. The number on the silver plate - 115748 matches the first number on the underside of the silver plate, but the second set of numbers is 2123. It was my understanding that the second set of numbers for all City bag should be 3444. Is this correct? The bag looks really authentic, and it came from BalNY, but as this bag was a return, I am kind of nervous about the second set of numbers not being 3444. Can anyone comment on this? Many thanks!!
  2. Check out This a great site to look up info. There is a blog about reading the tags.
  3. Thanks so much!! I looked it up and 2123 is a correct number for the
  4. I've seen 2123444 on eBay before. Everything else on the bag looked fine, except for this 2123444. It's not on ateliernaff's list, so does anyone know whether it's legit? LP says the list is not exhaustive but I passed on bidding cos I'm too chicken. Does anyone know for sure?