Model Mystery Wristlet... REVEAL

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  1. Model Mystery arrived yesterday and I think Tano has a big seller on their hands. I got it in charcoal, a beautiful color gray that I think would be awesome in any full size bag. It seems like MM is a bit more "weighty" than my Bad Kitty, but I think that's because of all the compartments and zippers. The wristlet part is detachable and you can use it as a regular wallet. I think what I like about it best though is the security of the two zippers.. nothing is going to fall out of this wallet. The organization is amazing. It took a few pictures, not great ones, unfortunately, but you can see. MHB also has a great picture of the inside here:

    The first picture is just the wallet itself; next is a side view of the two zipped compartments, then a view looking down on the wallet. Next post I'll show the inside.


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  2. Here's the inside.

    The compartment in the first picture contains a slot for ID and a slip compartment behind it. There's also a zipped compartment with space for things on either side. and another slip compartment.
    The second picture shows another compartment with 6 credit card slots, a slipped compartment behind the credit cards, another slip compartment on the other side of the open area, then 2 more compartments on either side of the divider.
    The last picture shows both compartments open.
    Here's MHB's description:
    Two zippered compartments to keep you ultra organized
    Zipper pocket one: 2 slit compartments and 6 card slots
    Zipper pocket two: 2 slit compartments, 1 zippered pouch for coins, 1 ID window
    7.75" x 4.25"

    Anyway, liking this a lot. Don't know if I'll use it as a wallet to carry in a bag, but will certainly use it for nights out and quick trips.


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  3. LOVE IT! :smile: And excellent color choice too! Where did you buy it from?

  4. Bought it from MHB; owed myself a little treat :biggrin:
    Wish there was a bag I wanted so I could get one in Charcoal!

  5. OMG the color is fantastic and it's SOOOOOOOOO organized!
  6. Love it, Joan!
  7. Great new wallet. Enjoy it!
  8. Thank you thank you for the reveal - now it is just a question of what color...
  9. I really like this Joan...I honestly looked at the reveal and ran to MHB...and never posted in this thread...

    I have a wallet fetish...ok...I have a handbag AND wallet fetish! LOL!
  10. I saw these at Mason's, and they are so pretty! I thought it would open up somehow, though. Like in the middle or something? I am probably just used to by Fashion Bailout and Texas Foldem!

    They really are nice little clutches, though!
  11. Nice and organized, oo I love reveals! Well done celts :smile:
  12. Love the color and the bag. Congrats on a nice purchase! I have actually been looking for one something like yours that *doesn't* open in the middle.

    Alas, I just bought a pre-loved bag on ebay and my budget left from my birthday money is about done. Maybe I'll take another look at holiday time. :smile: