Model Falling Through A Hole

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  1. yea, that doesn't look very safe!
  2. Oh my!! That didn't look fun at all. Why didn't anyone stop the show right away?? Instead they let the show continue waiting for a accident to happen. That is whack!!
  3. Yikes, thats horrible.

    Management should have quickly stepped in to fix the situations. Someone has to be responsible for it.
  4. OMG she fell in that hole and got stuck for a minute. I would be so pissed.
  5. It's not like they didn't know it was there. She is lucky she didn't get a serious injury or cut herself, her looks are her job. Someone should have to answer for this and to let the show continue is just sick.....
  6. Poor thing!!!
  7. ouch, i'm surprised she wasn't bleeding...
  8. I would be so angry and embarrassed! But how could she have not seen that? Its huge!
  9. It would have been funnier if she would have fallen all the way through and disappeared..LOL.

    Okay..that was mean, but it woulda been......
  10. That is something else. Really. The fact that they didn't fix that (or even warn the models!!!) is just well, poor management!

    Gives a new meaning to "The show must go on"!
  11. Ouch! :push:
  12. Ouch! That's terrible! Why didn't anyone do anything when they saw the hole? That was an accident waiting to happen.
  13. If I were her, I would have stayed down in that hole until the show was over. That is seriously embarassing.