model code of the new reissue

  1. Any pretty girl know the model code of the new reissue 2.55 of metallic red and metallic purple in size 226? I really need yours help if anyone own the lookbook of spring/summer Chanel 08 as i have to use the model code to place a order overseas (there's no size choice in Hong Kong) thanks for your kindly help~:tup:
  2. I have the first part of the style number only. Next week I'll have the 2nd part, but maybe you can call the Chanel 800# and get the rest now. I also do not have the color codes for red or purple yet.

    A37587 $2,695 (similar in size to 226)
    A37590 $2,850 (similar in size to 227)
    A37591 $3,495 (similar in size to the 228 from 2007)
  3. really thanks~

    I just move to my new home without register the long distance call yet, and i live in Hong Kong so i still haven't got any information about the new 2.55 yet too. if i would like to hold the metallic red and the metallic purple in size 226 i have to find out the model code of this two bag first, so if anyone could find out for me i really appreciated with yours~ thanks~
  4. oh thanks a lot
    is that means if i would like to order the purple is size 226 the code will be A3758781405, and the red will be A3758781540? is the dark red same as the metallic red colour?