Model Audrey Lindvall Dies

  1. Geez, another young girl in a deadly accident. :crybaby: Audrey was in the COACH catalog a few seasons ago. Sorry for these depressing posts, but I just thought people would want to read since both Heather and Audrey modeled for a lot of the designers popular on this board.

    A model visiting family was killed in a bicycle wreck Wednesday night in Lee's Summit.
    Audrey Lindvall, 23, was riding her bike near highways 150 and 291 when she hit a curb and was thrown under the wheels of a gasoline tanker that was pulling into a gas station.
    A friend of Lindvall's was riding behind her. The two were planning to meet friends and go partying.
    Lindvall was staying at her family's home in Lee's Summit before moving from New York to Los Angeles. She would have turned 24 next week.
    Lindvall's friends and relatives said they are overwhelmed with grief.
    "She used to love to make faces and laugh and have fun," said Michelle Jersept, one of the victim's sisters. "She was going to move to LA with (her sister) Angela, go back to school, continue to model. And she was in love, found the love of her life. She was very, very happy."
    Relatives said Lindvall was multidimensional.
    "(Modeling) wasn't her passion; it took her a long time to even embrace it, which she finally did, because she realized it was a job and she was grateful for it. But her passion was nature, plants, healing and ecology," sister Angela Lindvall said.
    "She wanted to change the world," a relative said.
    "My mother always taught us that 'pretty is as pretty does,' and Audrey lived that," Jersept said.
    "I know that she's an angel now, and she's going to be with us in spirit forever. I try to find there to be some reasoning for this, and maybe it was her time to go, but it's just so hard to think I'm never going to get to hang out with her again and laugh with her again, so I just hold on to the memories," Angela Lindvall said.
    Bicycle groups are holding a candlelight vigil at the scene of the accident Thursday night.
  2. life is too short. ;/
  3. many sad stories. :sad: I pray her family & loved ones find peace through such a sad time.
  4. How very sad! My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends!

  5. how terrible...
  6. Oh no. This is so tragic. :sad:

    The sister in the article is "Angela Lindvall" -- as in the famous model?
  7. she was a beauty!, its horrible how life is too short.
  8. how sad :sad:
  9. Oh no, that is awful <sobs>
  10. So sad. It's terrible to see another young life lost... :crybaby:

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  11. Geeze what a ghastly way to go! :sad: Her poor family.
  12. How tragic.:crybaby:I feel for her family.:sad:
  13. How ghastly! May she rest in peace.
  14. How awful!! Her poor family and friends... this is just dreadful and unfortunate.
  15. Oh my goodness!! How sad!! :crybaby: