Model a Drawstring?

  1. my best friend carries around a ripped old LLBean, which is a cute leather backpack... but ripped straps aren't okay. i've been thinking about a drawstring by Dooney (i was going to hit up the Factory store!) for her for her birthday!

    hopefully i can find it in black or dark brown (or something to that effect) as she's not a flashy gal... BUT!

    id LOVE to see anyone modeling any color drawstring, just so i can see how it falls on the body, and how big it is in comparison! thanks!
  2. I like the sky blue one with brown.
  3. That is a beautiful purse. I like it in black.
  4. That is a gorgeous bag that I've seen and tried on in person. However, I must tell you that the shoulder strap is quite short; it is nothing like the Panama bag I bought (I don't even know what season my bag is from as I bought it at Marshall's).

    That bag is MUCH more beautiful than the one I bought, but the shoulder strap is nothing like mine. Mine hangs comfortably at my side, with the bottom of the bag at my hip. The style you posted I have trouble keeping on my shoulder, as it is much shorter.
  5. My mother has a Dooney similar in style and to be very honest, she hates it! The handle drop is actually not all that long and she has difficulty keeping it on her shoulder. I'm sure the leather is more supple and moveable, but she has the fabric bag and it is stiff as a board! I know this isn't all that positive, but I hope this helps!;)
  6. :yes: any info is GREAT ty ;)
  7. I agree with twinkie. I tried on a db drawstring once and it did not fit well at all. I have an LV epi petit noe and it's a thousand times more comfortable. Maybe she'd like a dooney backpack. I don't know if there are any out now but I have and awl and signature one and they are very nice.
  8. I was thinking the same thing, my BFF has this bag in bone and she's very petit. If your friend is used to a back pack she might now like the short strap.

    However, if a friend gives me any handbag I'm so stoked!
  9. This one was in the catalog:

  10. nice nice.
  11. Me too!
  12. I have three Dooney drawstrings and they are a perfect fit for me. I can carry the bag on my arm or over the shoulder comfortably. It is roomy too.

    I will admit my LV Mini Lin Boulonge or LV Cabas Piano are much more balanced when carrying the bag over the shoulder. My Dooney bags are the ones I carry to work every day.

    I'd consider a D&B backpack for your friend since she appears to be a backpack person.

    If you opt for a Drawstring, some of the colors are wonderful. I have a black one and another in honey which is yummy.
  13. is there a black or dark brown leather backpack by dooney???
  14. There are some older styles. You could probably find them on eBay.
  15. tis a bag for the lovely HIPPIE?? hmm i LOVE IT.. can you get one in a diffrent color for self.. hehe i kno i kno being bad!