Moda Queen~Are they selling authentic fendi's?

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  1. Hi Ladies

    I came across Moda Queen on Moda Queen's website, states that they sell authentic Fendi purses. Does anyone have prior experience purchasing from them and are these purses real Fendi's?

  2. no, you can do a thread search. they sell fakes.
  3. Thanks!!!
  4. The Pradas are definately fake -- I returned one to them recently and replaced it with an authentic purchased at comparison. Moda Queen refunded my purchase price but I was still out postage both ways.
  5. they definitely sell fake item
  6. Where is the thread that tells you which sites sell fakes?
  7. does designerimports sell fakes?
  8. there is no thread. you can just search for the name of the site you are looking for info about.
  9. i think you mean designersimports; yes, they sell fakes.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.