Moda Party Sells Fake Bags

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  1. I purchased a bag from Moda Party, thinking that by being affiliated with Amazon that they were legit. I got the bag and thought it looked fake. The vendor told me to take it to the nearest boutique. The boutique let me compare the bags. The sales specialist confirmed that it was NOT authentic, so I am returning the bag and feel cheated having paid a high price for a phoney, unauthentic bag. I ended up buying the same bag from the boutique and now have the piece of mind of knowing my Wife has the real deal. God knows she deserves it. Fake bags might look real but they are made in Hong Kong not Italy. If you think you are getting a deal, it's most likely a fake. Do yourself a favor and either buy the real thing from an Authorised Dealer or buy a fake for under $100 bucks from a vendor that at least lets you know their merchandise is fake. Please do not get fooled into paying $200-2000 for a fake bag. You will feel like a complete idiot. Trust me. I did. :shrugs:
  2. Sorry this happened to you. :sad:

    At least you realised in time and can get a refund. :yes:
  3. If I remember correctly, only guarantee authenticity if the bag comes directly from either Bluefly or Amazon Direct (not one of their affiliates).
  4. I almost ordered a Gucci bag from them this spring. I'm glad I didn't. Thanks for confirming that their bags are fake!
  5. Thanks for letting us all know, greatly appreciated.
  6. What an honest and generous post - thank you!
  7. Actually, sells fake bags as a search on + Balenciaga or + Fendi and you'll see...
  8. Sorry this happened to you. Thank goodness you got a refund, many fake handbag sites take your money and run.
  9. thanks for your excellent information , I almost buy a bag from that site as well