Moda-da Is Active Again!!!!

  1. Damn, stolen pics :cry: What is the story here?
  2. Read the monaco babe aka moda-da warning. there is the whole story.
  3. :cursing: Did you report those? I did now.
  4. Thanks Nola, i´m not a eBay Member. I hope the Police or anybody can stop her.
  5. She stole nyfashionexpert's pictures for both her rose dragee & croc birkin!!!:hs:
  6. I really don't understand,, don't this woman has a conscience? $10K and $40K is alot alot of money to steal from people! How can she do it?
  7. :cursing:Scammer Alert!:wtf:
  8. Her conscience nerve has broken.. so yes, she sure doesn't have any :nogood:
  9. ^^ I agree.. and she never gives up!
  10. I 100% agree she is a scammer but I don't understand why she doesn't have a ton of negative feedback. How does she avoid it?
  11. :cursing: :cursing: :censor:
  12. Because buyers are afraid of her retaliation.

    Did you see her most recent neutral feedback? She wore a dress to death, never bother sending it to dry-clean, listed it as New without Tags, sent it to a buyer in dirty and wrinkled condition. Now she is claiming the wrinkle was due to shipping. Hello???

    This woman absolutely has no shame and is a BIG LIAR!
  13. holy moly! $10K + $40K? I want to make clear I think it's terrible this woman would rip people off like this, but shouldn't people know better than to pay basically the price of a car for something on eBay???