Mod? Sticky?

  1. yup we need that stickied at the bare minimum. we also need our own coach mod so we can get a clubhouse and showcase like LV.
  2. I second that!
  3. just be patient with stickies.

    as for a patient with that, too.
  4. im patient :yes: i'm not *****ing i'm just not knowing how to acctually contact them hehe... i just want them to know what a hopping little thread that is, and figured other gals would too!

    and hey, a clubhouse and whatnot like LV has would be SO fabulous. i would LIVE in a coach clubhouse (LOL) but hey, if a clubhouse in a forum is all we can get, i'll live in that too ;)

    oh yes and

    i think you should be a mod kallison, but you know that ;)
  5. Would you explain what are stickies???
  6. they are the posts that will always appear first no matter what page you are on or how old or new they are.
  7. I've been lurking in the LV thread and they rate the threads (maybe it's just a rule of that Forum.) A couple of boxes below the reply box there is a "Rate this Thread" drop down and I think everyone has to rate it high to get it stickied......but that's in LV - I've never seen anyone mention that in a Coach post. :p
  8. that's sorta what i thought too! you gotta rate it to show it's really worth being stickied.
  9. hehe i just saw how many responses and realized how many people probably put a subscription on this thread just to come back and referance it... *goes and rates thread*
  10. what's a clubhouse?

  11. I actually just posted in that thread like a day or two ago that I thought it should be stickied. So yes, I agree with you! :yes:
  12. *hopes and prays for a coach mod* wouldn't that be just lovely...