Mod pictures... HELP!!

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  1. Which one should I get?? The Delightful Gm or MM??


  2. MM !!! It's a great size for your height
    and built ;) good luck !!!
  3. MM looks better on you :tup:
  4. I like the MM better on you :smile:
    Good luck deciding!!!
  5. I would say MM, but you are totally rocking that GM. It has more of a pizazz to it :smile: I vote for the GM
  6. Both look great on you but I think MM would be better choice.

    Ooohh! Are you buying another Vegas souvenir hahaha :smile:
  7. Most Deff the mm if your thinking of an everyday purse
  8. I think the MM
  9. I like the MM on you the best..
  10. I like the MM on you. The GM seems too bulky.
  11. MM for sure
  12. I love both but l would choose the GM - the bigger the better, lol
  13. MM looks suitable for you. I personally think the GM is too big for many people. But I guess it's based on preference. I know it's the zipper on the GM that's making you think twice right? lol I had the same dilemma. Good luck!
  14. Mm
  15. I like them both. Do you have room for all of your items in the MM and would it slouch nicely? I have the GM and find when it's too full the top doesn't fold down and just gapes open - not a good look. I use the GM for work and am thinking of buying the MM for more of an everyday bag.