Mocha or Black Epi?

  1. Found an Alma in Mocha but was originally targeting Black. Black will cost more but I think I can make Mocha work with my very neutral wardrobe. Thoughts on the Mocha vs black color? TIA!
  2. I've never seen the mocha in real life so I can't comment on it, but the black is fabulous! I have the black speedy and I can't stop staring at it.
  3. I love the black. Not a big fan of the mocha. Why will black cost you more than mocha?
  4. I vote for mocha.
  5. i love the black.:yes:
  6. BLACK is my pick.
  7. Mocha I found on eBay.. Black I will go to Elux or to LV for... it will be around 300 in savings. I really like both colors so am torn. I can afford either as the money was allocated in the xmas travel and buy budget... ..but no more than that!!! :p
  8. Oh, I see. Hmmm, well in that case I would be inclined to get the mocha if it's in good shape. Maybe if you wait you could find black on eBay. But if you're like me waiting is too hard! With that $300 in savings, you could get a black epi accessory piece to go with the mocha alma.

  9. Thanks all. the Mocha is in excellent shape. No ink stains or bottom dings so there is that. It looks great! but I have only seen the black irl. Plus I would really like the *out of box* experience.. lol. Aaaaaarrrgghhh!!!! :smile:
  10. The black is readily available.. I would go for the Mocha since its a discontinued color.
  11. My op.? Black goes with everything whereas the mocha will go with most but not all. If you wait, not necessarily a long time either, black will come up on ebay. I know there are several sellers that can find you a specific bag if you send them a mssg asking for it. authentic_lvlady and let-trade are two that come to mind.

    Always ck out too. They have new bags everyday.
  12. Moka
  13. I love the mocha- it looks so rich! i agree with ama you can always get black.
  14. black
  15. I LOVE love the black. It just looks so classy and timeless.