Mocha, not Mandarin, the discontinued Epi colour?

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  1. what my SA told me today. Is he just really not on the ball or could this be the case?
  2. I thought mocha was discontinued awhile back. I know on the LV official website that less and less items are available in mandarin. I have a feeling that maybe BOTH of these colors have now been discontinued. (I was told in May by a SA that mandarin was to be discontinued.):crybaby:
  3. that's what i heard from my SA too!!!...It's my fave colour!!!
  4. I was told that the mandarin and the navy blue were being discontinued by the end of the year. I guess that's when the are officially discontinued because the manadrin is already getting pretty hard to find now.
  5. I think it's a shame either way, I really like both colors and hate to see them go
  6. I thought I heard Canelle was replacing Mocha so that both Mocha and Mandarin were disc..........
  7. They are discontinuing myrtille? Noooooooo :crybaby: , it's like my fave colour
    But I *think* mocha will be discontinued, I don't see many pieces with that color on elux, but it's definitely a gorgeous colour.
  8. Mocha HAS been discontinued a while back and mandarin is the color they JUST stopped producing according to one of the SAs I talked to. I find it funny that I got three dif. answers from three dif. SAs at three dif. LV locations in Toronto.
  9. Im positive mocha was discontinued a while back also. The mandarin no idea.
  10. My SA confirmed that the mocha and mandarin are both discontinued.
  11. My SA is not the most knowledgable, I speak from experience ("what's a wapity?" he asked last time):rolleyes:
  12. Your SA is correct!I really love love love that Mandarine color...
  13. Doesn't the Mandarin colour stink like cat pee ? Someone mentioned that before in another thread back in the day :shrugs:
  14. Lol I think it was confined to a limited number of Speedys. My Mandarin Jasmin smells yummy.
  15. Lol Laurence needs to educate him :rolleyes:
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