Mocha (Moka) Epi Speedy

  1. what do you think of this color in the speedy? i was reading past threads to get ideas. But do you all think it's still a nice color? i'm just not feeling the new cannelle - too muted for me. i can get it from my boutique, but i want to be sure the dark color is worth it.
  2. i saw this color in epi on an alma and thought it was soooo pretty! such a nice color to go with so much. :yes:
  3. I LOVE the color!!! Maybe Selena can post a pic of hers!:yes:
  4. i would love to see a recent photo.
    do you think the mocha can go with black clothing? you know how they're certain color combos that are "supposed" to go together? i was tramautized by a friend of mine when i was younger for wearing a deep brown top and black bottoms. she said it didn't go!

    i wear browns and blacks, but not together (except when i use the LV canvas mono bags which are different obviously from solid brown).
  5. As far as I am concern, color matching rules don't apply to LV!;)
  6. It's a very pretty color IMO. I think it can go with black clothing.
  7. That bag is gorgeous...
  8. it actually look like veryyyyy DARK brown chocolate colour.....:rolleyes: the pic's you saw is taken with the fresh it look like chocolate colour but in real the colour dont look like that at look like very dark choclate like strong black coffee + a little of milk = Mocha :yes:

    very nice hand held bag and goes very well with whatever colours cloths (casual) i worn......i got compliment too !!! :yes:
  9. I love that color!! Get it from the boutique while you can!
  10. I will post pictures of mine later. But it is a true chocolate color. Like a hershey bar.
  11. the colour is like Hershey dark cooking chocolate ......
  12. I like that color and believe it can be worn with about any other color.
  13. It's really beautiful and rich, that's all I can say :yes:
    I saw a special order looping mm and luco (I think?) in epi mocha at the boutique and I was like :drool: