Mocha KOOBA RENEE with Champaigne Trim

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  1. I can't believe I just snagged me one. I've wanted this bag for awhile now. I love the Taylor in this color but never really cared for the Hobo style. So this bag fulfills my feel of loss of my Marcelle and the Want of The Taylor. I like the plain handles better than the bows on the Marcelle. I'm a pretty happy camper right about now.
    This is the bag that I won. There's another on Ebay too but it wasn't New With Tags.

  2. ohh lexie congratulations! it's beautiful!
  3. Oh that's gorgeous! I love that shade of brown.
  4. Beautiful! I am/was watching both of them. I think the starting bid on the used one is a bit high though.
    Glad to see your the one that got the new one!
    Still working on the olive scarlett, but she won't sell it to me until the auction ends:sad:
  5. That's a beautiful, rich brown. Congrats.
  6. I had to pay dearly for it. I wrote to the used bag seller and asked if I could BIN for 250 and she never replied. So then I wrote and asked the New Bag seller if she would sell it to me for 300. She replied back that 399 was the lowest she would take. So I went for it. These bags don't come along often. I have seen a Farrah or Taylor once or twice in the past couple of years but never have I seen this one...and now this week there were 2 up. Hope you get the bag ...and for alot less than I paid!
  7. What a wonderful color combination, it is beautiful.
  8. Love that bag:heart: Kooba should make room for a few classics in their collection, which would be available all the time and just keep coming out with new colours all the time (in addition to some staple colours..) A girl can always dream...
  9. Gorgeous bag and such a rich color. Love it.
  10. Gorgeous is right! I love that color too. Enjoy!
  11. I had the Taylor in the same color, and the leather was wonderful! I don't think I've ever seen the Renee before..Congrats on your rare find!
  12. Lexie, you will LOVE that bag! I have one and I'm crazy about it. I was lucky enough to find two on sale on for myself and one for my niece just a few weeks before Christmas 2006. Out of my mere four Kooba bags it's the one that I carry almost everyday. With the distressed leather you can toss it all around and not have a worry. (That's why it was also a great bag for my 21 yr. old niece...her first "designer bag"...she was thrilled!)The leather is really soft and the bag opens wide to hold alot. And it's not heavy either. Pretty comfortable on the shoulder, too. I'm looking forward to hearing your take on the Renee...and I'm bettin' it will be good. Congrats on this beauty!
  13. I thought you had one Ciatta. I saw you post about it a long time ago and how you got one for your neice. I really am looking forward to it. I like the style better than the Marcelle even though it's very similar. And I love the contrast stitching. It's got that slightly crackly leather that I love.
    Does it scratch or scuff easily?
  14. can't wait to see pixxxx when are you going to do a kooba family portrait on that famous table?!
  15. I put on my trusty bifocals to do a full exam and I know, hard to believe but not a mark on it at all! And I'm not all that careful with it. Not like I would be with my Sienna. I'm a caregiver for the elderly and there's not always a convenient spot to put it so it has been pushed, shoved, hung and stuffed many different places and still looks brandy new. This beauty is some kind of durable. Perfect for my niece who at 21 is anything but careful and who says that she has used it everyday since Christmas. (She's a Tampa Bay Bucs Cheerleader and that bag has been toted out of the country, too. And I bet not with great care) What a great bag...You'll see....