Mocha Epi

  1. Hi Guys

    I was in the LV in Short Hills over the weekend. I inquired about the mocha epi and was told it was discontinued in that color. Needless to say I was very disappointed...I suppose it just wasnt a popular color? Opinions? I havent seen them on let-trade or only in rare ebay auctions

    I saw this one on ebay... I'm fairly sure its a fake
    eBay: 100% AUTH LOUIS VUITTON MOCHA EPI PONT NEUF HANDBAG (item 160043041358 end time Oct-30-06 19:56:02 PST)
  2. from what little i can see of the stamp and datecode, it looks real to me

    but then i have the mind of a sewer when it comes to all this authenticating **** :lol:
  3. It is discountinued, but there are still some pieces out there in LV's inventory. Did they look for you? My store found me a Mocha Speedy just a few weeks ago, so I know they exist still.
  4. Actually, my LV manager friend just emailed me to say that in-store inventory is slated to be sent back to Vuitton. No more moka! boo hoo.
  5. ooooo a mocha speedy.. That sounds great.
    I have a mono 25 but I wanted a red epi 25.. but the mocha sounds great too.
    I'll have to give them a call I suppose.
    What do you guys think of the Pont Neuf? Anyone out there have one?
  6. It looks authentic but not sure what it the strategy of the seller. The Pont-Neuf is a beautiful bag. It is a little bit lady-like but not old looking, if you KWIM
  7. No I don't think it was because the color wasn't popular. LV changes the epi color pretty often, does anybody know what the next mandarin is gonna be?
  8. it does look authentic to me
  9. it does look authentic
  10. That's a beautiful bag. Pont Neuf is a classic.
  11. Is there any mocha left on Eluxury???