Mocha Epi - discontinued?

  1. Hello ladies!

    I decided that I need a mocha epi key holder to protect the stuff inside my bags from the havoc they wreck and to match my wallet. There is a 4 key holder in mocha available on the website but I'd ideally need one that holds 6 keys. I remember the SA mentioning that Porte-Tresor International was discontinued in Mocha when I wanted one earlier this year (I did manage to get one in the end) so I was wondering if it's the case for other things?

    D'you think I might be able to find a 6 key holder in mocha anywhere or should I start considering other colours? :confused1:
  2. All mocha has been discountinued.
  3. Aww, I was hoping that wasn't true - I love that colour, it doesn't show up grime :shame:

    Righto, another colour it is then... Red? Cannelle? Maybe it's good that Blueberry and Mandarin are out of stock or I would be here forever trying to choose.

    Oh, I also noticed that the 6 key holder shows up as £115 on the website but £110 when I go to product detail or add it to my basket :confused1::nuts:
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