Moccasin Boots

  1. Opinions needed ladiessssssssss!

    Minnetonka Mocassin Boots...




    Your inputs please :smile:
  2. i love them. i have three pairs! lol. i think it really depend on what you wear them with, and you got have the confidence to rock them, because they definitely get stares. But out here in california, i would definitely say that they are becoming a common sight. at every fashion show i've worked at this past year, a model comes in wearing them, i swear!!! maybe because so many celebs have been photographed in them? don't know, but they sure are comfy!!!! i live in mine when its not to hot to wear them.
  3. - to see kate moss in her minnetonaka boots.

    here are a couple pic of rachel bilson and sienna miller in them:

    hope that helps!!! remember though, you have to be the one who likes them...who cares what others think or what celebs are wearing! enjoy!
    purple.jpg Bilson.jpg sienna.jpg
  4. i agree! evverywhere i turn(since i'm from LA), i see the fringe boots!
  5. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! I have the exact pair rachel is wearing and i wear them all the time with my skinny jeans they are super comfy too! and sooo cute! My ex called me pocahontas hahah. But I look super cute in them. You can get the exact ones rachel has i mean to the T on a website search for them on They were only $79..
  6. they are on sale too!! Now can you help me out with my wedges and sandals I am looking for... pretty please
  7. by the way they are true to size I am a US size 8 and I ordered a size 8 and they are EXACT
  8. is it too much to wear in the summer?
  9. i don´t know if wearing those boots seem too much like a to trend follower or not. since half of the young celebs owns them.:sad:
  10. I wore mine today and its 105 out in CA.... I looked CUTE
  11. imho, at night would be just depends on your style and comfort level. i couldn't wear them out during the day, i sweat too much in the LA sun!! (kudos to iwearheels who can!!) lol.

    but as for being a "follower," you seriously have to be willing to rock it with confidence. those who I see mess up the look are like kimberly stewart...just have too much going on... like a skull scarf, high socks, hippy headband, mini dress, chain necklace and over the top bag. (all those things separate would be okay...not together!!!) :wtf:

    But then there's a woman that I work with who wears the bootie version and just looks amazing every time she wears them! she'll pair them with grey jeans, a black cami and chanel jacket...gorgeously luxe and bohemian at the same time. she's my personal style icon!!!
  12. Have you seen a lot of people in LA wear them right now?
    I've been dying to get those boots for years, but never could find them in LA
  13. i know there are boutiques that carry them, but where i get them from is they have the best prices and usually have free shipping too!

    and yea, there are people who are wearing them around la now, but its not overwhelming to the point of ugg status. :smile: