MOCA Visit and Goodies

  1. Finally took a picture of what we got yesturday. The bag is the MM size - that is mine and while I really wanted to sell it and make some money off of it, I just love it and will probably end of keeping it. It is so cute! The coin purse WAS mine, but when my daughter saw it she made it hers. Thank goodness she keeps it stored in its little box and cloth pouch. She also picked out the flower pin, DOB doll and a pack of postcards with the Murakami images. We're off to her school today to share about the trip with her class and show her new goodies off. My bag stays home. I'm afraid of scuffing it (although through experience with my speedy, I know it is nearly impossibly to do so!).
  2. Wow! Beautiful piece of art by Murakami... you are a lucky gal...
  3. After actually seeing the art in person, it makes me want to hang on to this bag, whereas before, it was no big deal.
  4. wow so cute...can i see inside of the neverfull? i love the coin purse very much.
  5. how cute ... congrats!
  6. congrats
  7. Congrats!
  8. can i ask how much the neverfull MM is please? thank you!
  9. Here are two additional pics - the inside of the bag and the tag. The MM cost $915.00 and the coin purse was $270.00. Even the little goodies were over-inflated. $29.00 for the doll! Oh well. They are really cute.
    IMG_1430_1.JPG IMG_1440_1.JPG
  10. Wow, so cute thanks for sharing!
  11. thanks. congratulations! your goodies are beautiful!
  12. Awww awesome! I love the color of the insides too!! :biggrin:
  13. Congrats!
  14. Hope you do keep it.
  15. IT's too cute!!!