MOCA stock update

  1. as of 11/29 7:30pm...

    A friend was picking up for me the Neverful MM and the Ronde. She said that they have everything in stock, but that some stock (like the Ronde) probably won't last to the weekend.

    I also talked to the SA (my friend gave her the phone) and the SA said they had the Muticolore in Black (which was previously soldout) The SA also said to me that they were given the okay that "it was up to the decretion of the SA" to sell 3 to a customer instead of the "only two to a customer rule".

    I was going to get an Agenda, but I am a SAHM and at this point in my life, I couldn't really justify buying one and then not using it.

    The prices were:

    Neverfull PM $860
    Neverfull MM $915
    Neverfull GM $940
    Porte Monnaie Ronde $270
    Monogram Canvas Agenda $500
    Black & White Multicolore Agenda $700

    Don't forget about the CA tax (.0825%)

    Thank you to nycbagobsessed... I made sure that my friend knew about the luggage tag.

    :heart::heart:the Purse Forum!!
  2. Great update, thanks for sharing!
  3. thanks for the update! :smile:
  4. Congrats!!! I bought the MOCA Neverfull MM and Rond as well and I LOVE them!! It was really sweet of your friend to pick up the MOCA stuff for you!!! Post pics in the MOCA Club when you get your new items!!
  5. Thanks for sharing & Congrats on your goodies!!
  6. Thanks Everyone!

    I am so excited...I can't wait until she ships them to me. I don't want to rush her. (she is in the middle of making a film and she said she is doing re-shoots for the rest of the week...sniff, sniff) She is actually the daughter of a friend...but she is close to me we are kind of friends.

    peace43 - believe or not...I still haven't learned how to post my stash...
    A great tpf'er (savannah) has offered to teach me... I will try to take pics after Christmas.

    I ended up buying the Neverfull MM and TWO Rondes.

    Is it next week yet? LOL
  7. Was just at the Geffen today, and picked up my Neverfull PM! There was plenty of everything on display. I may need to make another trip . . .