MOCA Neverfull????

  1. I have a odd question... I was looking at Let-Trade and I saw they have a MOCA Neverfull listed. I am not questioning if they sell fakes... My question is if you notice in the photo one of the handles is covered in plastic. I bought a MOCA Neverfull and I know a bunch of other people that have bought them also and none of them had plastic on the handle. So I guess my question is... Did Let-Trade add the plastic? It is odd it is only on one handle.


  2. ohhh weird!! good observation!
  3. That IS weird. I wonder why?
  4. Ohhhh that's odd. I went to the MOCA store for a couple of times... never saw the straps wrapped in plastic. Only the luggage tag was wrapped in white wrapping paper.
  5. Maybe whoever bought it for resale added the plastic?
  6. Maybe they added it....who knows!
  7. that's really bizarre!
  8. Mine wasn't wrapped in plastic either, but maybe the store didn't remove the plastic on that one. I wonder how much he is asking?
  9. ~The SAs usually remove the plastic from the straps before they sell the bag to you. Although, there are some SA sells the bag without actually removing the plastic (if you're their regular customer). I had that happened to me on a several occasions...I'm thinking that Let-trade probably requested this when he or she made the purchase, then turn around and resell it:shrugs:. I believe that if you don't want the plastic to be remove from the straps-you can request the SA as well:yes:~
  10. Agree. I have on several occasions bought an LV purse that still had the plastic on the handles and my SA has always mentioned that normally she would have to remove it before selling the item. The SAs at the MOCA LV boutique probably just forgot to remove the plastic from the one handle - they were probably distracted and didn't finish the task.

    I think that the purses are unpacked and the plastic is removed immediately from the purse by the SA, but sometimes there are a few purses that haven't been unwrapped. Those are probably the purses that sometimes make it to the "regular" customer.
  11. ^Same here and it's usually from my elux purchases.

    It's weird for the Neverfull though, maybe they were in a rush to get them to people? Who knows. :s
  12. I think they probably forgot to just remove the plastic at MOCA.
  13. wonder what the price is.
  14. wow- must've been a MOCA fiesta!! I could imagine LT talking away while an SA is removing one plastic and then by the time he notices what the SA's doing he stops them in their tracks............ hence the one covered handle....... :graucho: just my speculation/imagination
  15. They do come wrapped in plastic, and the SA\'s do have to remove it before sale *cough* sometimes they don\'t for their special customers ;)