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  1. I love LV really , really , but ...MOCA neverfull ....sooo ugly not you think the same? what mean this pinture on it ?:wtf:.
    Please not hard felling I respect all yours opinion only I have curiosity
  2. To each, his own. I agree with Lvbabydoll. I picked up my murakami neverful last week Saturday and I love mine:love: Everyone has different tastes here at tPF...I think it would be very boring if everyone liked the same kinds of bags.
  3. I love mine as well ... the pink lining is absolutely gorgeous! Maybe since you're in Cali. ,you should go visit the exhibit and see the neverfull bags in person ... you might change your mind, if not, that's okay too. Just like little LV lover said "to each, his own".
  4. Hey that's ok, more for the rest of us!:supacool: I think it's a fun print and when you're not in the mood for the print, you can turn the bag around and wear it plain and simple. The pink lining is absolutely adorable and that luggage tag - no where else but on a MOCA.
  5. I just traveled thru Philly to FLA with my MOCA MM neverfull and I LOVE IT!FITS my 15 inch laptop and looks funky!!!!!!I ADORE MINE!
  6. I would never say a bag is ugly even if I didn't care for it.
    I think the MOCA LV design is really cute, but I don't care for the little mushroom guy.
  7. I agree , need go MOCA maybe change my opinion.
    tanks .
  8. i happen to LOVE it so much i don't care if people says it's ugly LOL :p
  9. I think the hands are cute although i don't quite like the hot pink lining. But overall it's nice!! Too bad i am in far far away land from LA.. not ble to get my hands on one yet. Have not seen anyone carry one yet here in Singapore! :girlsigh:
  10. Im feeling opp of mauiheng. Its the pink lining & cute luagguage tag that starts to attract me... before that I've never really like neverfull. :p
  11. Agree!!! It's actually like having 4 bags in one!!! I love the hot pink lining!!! And the Neverfull MM is the perfect size for me!!!
  12. It's the hot pink lining that attracts me too! :biggrin:
  13. I like MOCA Neverfull GM and I'm going to LA during XMas time. Hope to get my hands on a few MOCA pieces.

    I bumped into a thread where someone posted the retail price but now can't find it.
  14. I think the MOCA is funky! Im personally not a fan of the Neverfull but the MOCA neverfull is one i would love to get!
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