MOCA Neverfull

  1. Is it available in s'pore stores now? n how much?

  2. No, the Murakami MOCA Neverfull, coin purse, and agendas are only available at the special LV boutique inside the MOCA in Los Angeles.

    But, you can check eBay since a lot of the MOCA LVs are showing up there - the prices are really inflated.

    Here's the USD price for the following:

    Neverfull MM (medium size) $915 USD
    coin purse (rond) $270 USD
    (I don't know the prices of the Neverfull PM, GM, and agendas, but do a search for MOCA in the LV section, and you'll find the prices.)
  3. Awww...=(

    tks anyway