MOCA Neverfull PM Price?

  1. hi everyone,
    call my paranoid, but i was wondering if others who got the neverfull pm from moca paid $870+tax=$941.78 or $860+tax. i noticed the price was listed as both $860 and $870 in the forums. my bf finally picked one up for me 2 weeks ago (he was in the area), and they were fresh out of the neverfull mm, which was what i originally wanted. i was so pissed the mm's were out i made him get 2 pm's (the other for my sister who's like - umm, it's interesting...), and i know he was charged the $941.78 price. not much of a difference, i know, but just curious what others paid.
    i have yet to see the bags yet, as he brought them out of the country, but i'll be getting it when he gets back to the states in a few weeks. can't wait to see them :smile:
    thanks in advance for any help :yes:
  2. i think the price is 870. thats what the tag said. i remember going there having exactly enough cash for 860 plus tax, but was very shocked to find that it was more. i think that 860 was the intended price..?
  3. I bought the MOCA Neverfull PM on 1/11/08 and it was $870 plus 8.25% sales tax (total $941.78). They sold out everything. They even ran out of LV receipt paper so they used regular A4 paper to print the receipt out for me:lol:.
  4. thanks so much for the replies! i feel so much better knowing i'm not the only person who paid 870 +tax.
    bvbirdygirl, i hope you were still able to get the bag, and have lots of fun on your trip to italy (tons of great shopping there - be sure to check out the murano glass in venice if you have time :smile: )! :tup:
  5. i wonder if they still have everything!
  6. i think they ran out of the neverfull mm and ronde in early january, and they had some pm left in mid january. gm supposedly is out too. not sure what's left?