MOCA - Murakami's new design.

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    reminds me of some character...:confused1:
  2. Lol he's cute.
  3. So cute!
  4. Cute!
  5. Awww that's adorable!
  6. sorry to be demanding but are there any bigger or closer to make out more detail I'm not sure I like it
  7. :oh:
  8. omg. that character is SOOOOO cute. does anyone know how much the multicolore agenda will cost?
  9. Aww he's cute! hehehe
  10. That's fabulous ! The Panda, Onion Head, Flower Hat man story continues ... Where did you find these agendas ? When will they be launched ? Everywhere in he world ? Can't wait !!! Absolutely fabulous !
  11. Awww... he is cute!
  12. OMG!!! SO CUTE!!!:nuts:
  13. it's cute, but I think I like panda more~~~
  14. Here's the link to the story:,1,2396008.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

    and another photo:


    "Highlighting Murakami's longtime professional association with the luxury goods label, the boutique will offer limited-edition handbags and small leather goods featuring Murakami designs. The estimated prices of the bags, ranging from $875 to $920, represent about a $300 markup over the $575 to $665 that consumers would pay for the same line without the Murakami designs at the Vuitton store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills."
  15. :drool:I WANT THEM ALLLLLLLL!!!!!!! ADORABLE!!!