Moca - Murakami hardcover book

  1. Just an FYI:

    The Murakami harcover book that is currently sold at the MOCA gift store for the Murakami exhibit is $65 USD retail plus tax. The exact same book is on for $40.95 USD with free shipping. (I don't think Amazon charges tax, but you'll need to verify.)

    Unfortunately, I bought it at the MOCA - I guess I should have checked Amazon first. Oh well... I would have saved almost $30!

    Here's a link:
  2. Good to know. Thanks.
  3. Yay - that's awesome I didn't even know there was a book. And super cool - they'll ship to Canada (but they won't ship to prisons dammit LOL)
    Are there any picsof some of the pages anywhere?
  4. sweet, thanks!
  5. Great, thanks for the info.

    I had tried the isbn number last week on barnes and noble but it didnt show

  6. This is a GREAT book, love the pics and it has a lot of good info in it!
  7. Ohh, I'm gonna check this out at MOCA (and buy it on Amazon if I like it!) Thanks for the info!
  8. Yeah, I'm curious to see a few pics from the book.

    Thanks for letting us know, OP!
  9. Omg, thanks for the info! I was just about to go to MOCA next wk to buy this book.
  10. with use of membership discount, mastercard and code P7N6J9K on barnes and noble, it came out to less than half price!!