MOCA items...question?

  1. I could be wrong but it seems like some people have their MOCA items being shipped to them? Did they start doing chargesends for them or did people just buy theirs off eBay if they couldnt make it to the MOCA LV store?

    Just didnt want to miss out if they are indeed doing chargesends or something...thanks!!!

  2. They dont ship..I beleive people are having CALI friends buy them for them..or thru sales.
  3. Are they going to continue to sell the items until the end of the exhibit? Because I'll be there at Christmas, and I really want a Rond, hopefully they don't sell out.
  4. ^^ yes they'll restock but i dont know how much stock they have before items eventually run out.
  5. ohhh thats good to hear. I really really hope that I can get my hands on a rond! If I can't that'll make my entire trip worth it! hahaha
  6. I heard that they promised that as long as the exhibit is up, they'll have the items...can anybody confirm this?
  7. ^From what I hear, this is the case.

    I honestly don't think LV WANTS people to know their production info on these items like they do with all their other items. I'm sure there will be enough items to last through the whole run of the exhibit but they're basically rationing them out each day. If they said oh, we have x amount of bags available, people wouldn't be as likely to go see the exhibit knowing that they still have a long time to get the items.
    Also, this particular store does NOT do charge sends, you must show up at the store and buy the items in person.
  8. ^^ Well I think they get deliveries all the time. When I went on a weekday I saw piles and piles of boxes outside the store (I would say at least 20) and they were huge!