Mobile forums?

  1. This is going to sound like a totally silly request, and I don't fully expect you guys to implement it, but would it be possible to have a mobile version of the forums for reading on PDA/phone screens? I'm going to sound like an obsessive weirdo, I'm sure, but I like to browse the forums with my phone sometimes, like on the train, and have a hard time navigating because everything's made for a full screen, not a little one. I have images turned off, so that helps with loading times, but it's still awkward. Does vBulletin come with a mobile plugin or something users could turn on in their site preferences, maybe? I've seen other forums provide a mobile version, but I don't know how hard they had to to work to implement it, so if it's an unreasonable amount, it's no biggie. Just an idea. :idea: :amuse:
  2. I'll definitely look into it for you. I know there is a way to make vB PDA compatible, just not sure how to.
  3. Well if anyone can figure that out it would be VLAD!!


  4. He is quite smart afterall!
  5. Why of course, he's with you Megs!:lol: ;)
    "Behind every smart man is an even smarter lady" hehe

    Good question too...i'd probably browse when i can't access the internet via a when camping and stuff;)
  6. Oh my - I would totally use it too! I didn't know there was such a thing as mobile version. If this does become available, I'll need lessons.
  7. Just FYI...I browse the forums on my ppc6700 (with windows mobile 5) all the time. It loads pretty quickly, actually.
  8. LOL! I'm picturing girls at the Chanel couner showing them tPF! LOL!
  9. Any news on whether there is gonna be a mobile pda version? I'd love to be able to search the forums on my treo.
  10. You actually can now from your Treo!! I do it ALL the time! Good luck!!
  11. what browser do you use? I have blazer, web pro, and xiino, but the layout is all funky on them since its not formatted for a small screen. it looks best on blazer, but god I hate can't disconnect w.o going into the treo system prefs! lol
  12. I know two vBulletin boards that have a mobile version (well, one says that they are working on it). I would love to read tPf on my PDA w/ wifi. I have Blazer browser to; it's difficult to navigate.
  13. I have never tried to get on tPF with my PDA but I really would love it if I could.
  14. technically I CAN get on tpf with my treo using blazer, but the layout doesn't really work right....its a pain to try to navigate the site so most of the time i dont bother