mobile faker - what will they think of next???


    'Mobile Faker' Gets You Off the Hook and Out of Trouble

    Phone Call Will Instruct You How to Leave

    [​IMG] By Wendy Burch

    July 19, 2007 (KABC-TV) - Have you ever found yourself faking your way out of a sticky situation? Well some people are now turning to their cell phone to help save them. There's actually a way to make your phone ring you with a "phony" call anytime you find yourself in a jam. Here's more from Eyewitness News Reporter Wendy Burch.
    Have you ever wanted to be saved by the bell? We are talking about the phone call that comes just at the right time and gets you out of whatever you find yourself in, be it a bad date or a boring meeting.
    Well, now instead of being at the mercy of a random ring, you can control your own "phonyness."
    Introducing a program called "The Mobile Faker," an application you can upload on almost any cell phone. For about a buck a call, you can go into the main menu, pick a fake person and select a "phony" scenario, and when the call comes the Mobile Faker prompts you with what to say, sort of a cell phone version of "Simon Says."
    And the mobile faker will even allow you to program the exact time you want the ring to come to your rescue.
    "You can you preprogram your phone to call you in two hours and then if the date's going well you can ignore the call, and if it's not, you can pick it up and get out of there," says Kathleen Dunleavy, Sprint spokesperson.
    So we took the Mobile Faker on the town. First, we found allies for it at The Abbey, people who liked being dialed into the latest cell phone sensation.
    "I kind of liked it a lot because it tells you what to say, so it's perfect," says Ennis Cam. "You don t have to worry about what to say or how to lie, and it's like a straightforward lie from start to finish."
    Over at The Palm, this gal says the Mobile Faker means her friends are now off the hook.
    "Because there's a lot of times when you just tell your friends, 'Hey, can you kind of call me at this time just in case?'" says Rita Loza.
    But some say faking out your date with a phone leaves the wrong message.
    "You're just not being honest," says Christie Sloyer. "I wouldn't want someone to call, especially in the middle of a date, and be like, 'OK, I'm leaving. Peace out.' It's not OK with me. I think that's rude."
    So will the Mobile Faker be a tough sell? Probably not as long as there are still social situations where people feel like they need to "phone it in."
  2. LOL!!!! I don't know if I would use it. But it is hilarious!!!
  3. lol, jeez! I would never use something like this. If I'm on a date and I'm not having fun - I'd try and make the best out of the situation and be friendly to the other person
  4. haha. What willl they think of next?!
  5. :yes: LOL!
  6. its funny, but kinda rude...