1. Happy Mom's Day!!

    I know we had quite a long thread regarding our obsessions with the wonderful world of cupcakes...I thought I would start a new one based on how my morning started.

    I knew my favorite Chicago cupcake bakery opened @ 8 am this morning, so I drove 30 minutes to pick up some of my sweet treats then drove all the way back home. They are sitting on my counter just waiting me to devour them later today. It was an excellent way to start my Mother's Day! Obsession satisfied for now! I know all of tPF cupcake lovers can truly relate!

  2. mmmmmmmm!!! I wish I had some cupcakes.
  3. I love cupcakes! I've had Sprinkles two weeks in a row, and plan on getting some more soon!
  4. Last week, I indulged in some overly fattening cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery. mMmm so good!
  5. ooohhhh, I love cupcakes! I resist them and rarely eat them but I'm sure craving one right now.
  6. Yummy! Today I made banana nut cupcakes.
  7. =( all this cupcake talk is making me sad again.
    the time i went to nyc and went to magnolia, it was closed for xmas break.
    and cupcakes from sprinkles looks absolutely tdf!!
  8. We are getting a Sprinkles here too sometime this year in Chicago. I love their makes me drool!

  9. YUMMMMM I think I am going to have to order some sprinkles. If you order them online you do not have to stand in line when picking them up
  10. It's only 7 am here and I've already got a craving going!!

  11. Yummy I love cupcakes!!!
  12. In Sydney, there is this shop called 'Cupcake on Pitt' has the best Strawberrry on Vanilla Cupcake, and it surely gets me addicted for more than a week now :tup:

    They coat the strawberry with a white choc and the nice not too sweet icing on vanilla cake :yahoo: *my mouth starts watering AGAIN :p
  13. I love cupcakes - last Monday I was in NYC for the day and went to Magnolia, this past weekend I was in LA so I had to stop by Sprinkles and since I live in DC it's only right that I stop by Cake Love to soothe my sweet tooth :tup:
  14. I told my mom I wanted cupcakes for my birthday and she baked 48 of them! I have only eaten about 6 though (so far).
  15. I have a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes sitting in my kitchen YUMMMM