Mmmmm Minty!!

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  1. I wasn't going to, but I totally did....

    I was browsing Nordstrom's website a day or so after MBMJ released the new Minty color... I was like, "Well, that's really pretty, but what would I ever wear a green bag with?" Sunday I went to Nordstrom just to see the color in person....

    Minty Fran now sits on my desk watching me work away. This color is so luscious!! My first Fran, been wanting one for 8 or so months now. I'm still concerned what a green bag will really go with but the SA said green is becoming almost a neutral in the bag world. True? Still thinking I need this style in a neutral also though, completely love it. Anyway, I can't even describe this green, it's just so yummy. Pictures coming soon.
  2. Lovely!! The colour looks lovely online , I haven't seen in IRL yet, so spring -summer and yes, surprisingly green matches a lot :smile:

    Conrats! Can't wait to see pics :smile:
  3. Congrats on your new bag! I was drooling over the Minty bags as well when I saw them online, the color is just so cute and fresh. Looking forward to the pics!
  4. Congrats, the bag looks great, I hope the color is just as beautiful in reality, as in the photos.
  5. Ok so total fail on my behalf, completely forgot to post pictures. Here ya go! (Ignore the ugly crappy office, it'll be gutted and remodeled soon!)

  6. That's the truest photo of the color I can get by the way. I took photos the other day where it looked like a grass green, very bold. It's just a little darker than a pastel green.
  7. I love this color! Congrats on your new bag.
  8. Thanks! I can't believe I've lived this long without a Fran. She holds an entire world and still doesn't feel bulky under my arm when I use the shorter handles over my shoulder unlike most bags. I think I'll need more of this style in other colors for sure.
  9. its beautiful - mint is such a great way to describe it! it will definitely go with lots - plus so many summer dresses have green flowers or leaves on them - it will go well!
  10. if this colour comes out in a utika it is all over for me haha
  11. Oh, what a fantastic colour!

    Is most MBMJ hardware gold/brass? I haven't seen much with silver apart from the hammered silver PTTM birds.
  12. I'm not positive, but I thought it did........ Try the Nordstrom's site.... I could be wrong.
  13. I believe it's mostly gold. I've rarely seen anything with silver hardware.
  14. That's a shame. There's some gorgeous colours in the line, but I'm definitely more of a silver hardware kind of girl.

    Really, that mint is so nice.
  15. What a gorgeous colour!! Congrats!!