Mmmmhhhh BLUEBERRY Twiggy on ebay - BIN $1095

  1. Beautiful! Looks a tad bit like indigo in some pictures!
  2. i love this bag but she doesn't do international shipping!! *sigh*
  3. Why oh why does DH hates blue bags on me?
  4. Congrats to the lucky PFer that won this! :nuts: ;) *Jealous again* Can't wait to see your pics... ;) :yahoo:
  5. thanks Pewter. :winkiss: When I receive this and a few others waiting to be shipped, I'll do a grand unveiling. :wlae:
  6. looks like decophile is at it again! Congrats girlie!
  7. and right after you receive them we shall go to that 12 step program together right?...I just bought a perfect Ink Day!
  8. You're on! So long as the 12 step program doesn't require me to disgorge any of my holdings.... I'm dying to see all your new and soon to be new Inks!!! I LOVE INK!!!!
  9. :nuts: I can't wait!! :yahoo: :P