Mmmm love this - from BG

  1. I'm already preordered, uh-oh!

  2. I saw those too! They have such a rich, pretty emerald color. :drool:
  3. my eyes...LOVE EM!!!! The color is yummy.
  4. I don't know if I'm nuts because I just let go of my Valentino bow pumps to make room for this preorder...damndamn...
  5. beautiful!
  6. Gorgeous!!! I think I saw them on in black too.
  7. I love green, and it's a gorgeous shoe - I just wish I wasn't so paranoid about wearing satin on my feet. I'd be so afraid of getting them dirty.
  8. I love the vibrant color on that shoe and I am not usually a "green person". Will look forward to seeing them.
  9. i want these in the blue.
  10. me too!!i'm waiting for the blue and yellow to come out..
  11. I was looking at these last night, contemplating if I should get them. But BF, was around, and he said the color is too bright... Go figure, who asked him???:biguns:
  12. Beautiful, rich color. I love those too.
  13. blue is definitely my favorite color (oooh a deep turquoise or teal satin would be AMAZING) - does anyone have intel on whether this shoe is coming out in blue??

    If not, I'll take my chances with the green - I can already envision that pop of color. It'll be a nice change for me since my shoes are generally so boring and matchy-matchy :p
  14. I really love the style of this shoe, and I know for those who look good in green (I look awful in it) this emerald shade will be beautiful...

    My only concern with this shoe is satin's upkeep. I saw this style in the black when CL came to the NM signing and it was in horrible shape! The fabric pilled up and looked as if 8 million people had touched the shoe, which I'm sure they had. But for the price, I like my shoes to be very durable, KWIM? I wonder if its all his satin shoes, or just this style since the bow in the front hangs to the side???
  15. I can definitely see how the satin would pill/pull - it's such a dangerous area, the feet :p I wouldn't imagine wearing these out to the club or stomping around the city, and I'd be as ginger with these as I am with my leather Loubs...FYI, the Very Noeuds are coming in RED (bright red), BLUE (royal), and IVORY as well as black!