mmm ... what to choose ?

  1. Hi

    I thinking of buying a chanel bag

    what shall i get the classic flab bag or the bubble bag ( i attach pic ) :heart:

    also I would like to ask is the bag ( bubble bag ) is it a season bag or a classic one ? is it winter collection ? :confused1:

    Thanks for helping me out
  2. if it's your first Chanel - classic flap
  3. classic flap, but then you could always get the classic flap, bubble is seasonal. :smile: i'd go waith a more classic one.
  4. :yes::yes::yes:
  5. no its not my first chanel bag ...
    I have many chanel bags but they are all seasonal bags

    is the bubble bag i posted seasonal or classic ?
  6. yep, yep, yep!
  7. i'm in love with the bubble!! i think its... a seasonal bag.
  8. i am not sure if the bubble quilt bag is seasonal but I think you really like the bubble quilt you can always get the classic flap unless it is a difficult color you like. :yes:
  9. I consider the bubble quilt to be seasonal, I'd go for the flap.
  10. flap! especially if you have a lot of seasonal bags. if you don't buy the flap now and keep buying seasonal ones, once you get around to getting the flap it will have increased in price again and again...

    the bubble quilt is seasonal.
  11. don't u think that the flap bag is always availble ! but the bubble one is more specail !
  12. and for the flap bag what size is perfect the large or the classic size
  13. Bubble quilt is not part of the permanent ligne.
  14. i love the classic flap especially if u don't have a classic item yet!
  15. I would mostly say flap but since the bubble is seasonal it might be better to get that first. Since you can always get a flap.