Mmm this just arrived from NAP - what do you think?

  1. It's called the taupe colour. What do you think the story is with the tag?
  2. I think it was a return that didn't come with a tag and they had to create one.
  3. I bought my chloe taupe from the london boutique about two weeks ago and it came with no tags. I called them to ask why and they said that they they cut them off and keep them in store as a matter of policy. I found this a bit strange so i have emailed Chloe direct and im waiting on an answer. When did you buy your Chloe? i was looking for a taupe on the" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter site but they didnt have it.
  4. oh no, I think you should reject it and send it over to little old me!!! ;)

    No, seriously Sam, I would not be too concerned, was the original black net a porter tag still attached? It could easily have been taken off by somebody who returned it, and NAP are hot on checking items fully when the come back in, so I would not be overly worried, but you should email customer services and find out why this one had a written one, when every one you have recieved before has not? Thinking about it, this could be the reason it was reduced. I am sure this was the only one they had in stock!
    I personally adore it :love: , but I am a sucker for tans and taupes. You have got a brown and a white spy in the last few weeks, so this could be your middle colour :lol:
  5. :heart: :heart: I adore it! It looks like a "stone" sort of colour, really lovely. I wouldn't worry about the tag too much Sam, like Julie said (BTW hey Julie! ;) ) I'm sure it's just a return bag from NAP. I'm sure you will enjoying wearing her, congrats!
  6. Thanks guys you have totally put my mind at rest. Still not sure about it though even outwith the tag scenario! It's sitting on the sideboard and I'm just staring at it everytime I come in. I guess I think it's because I'm not a brownish kinda girl. Still getting used to the Chloe Tote in tan from a couple of weeks ago as well. Mmmmmmm, dilemma dilemma! To keep or not to keep that is theeee question.

    Miss Cherie - I only bought it on Thursday from NAP. Logged in and it was sitting there in the sale so grabbed it. I don't think there was many of them. Still if I send it back then it may be there for someone else......

  7. I think it is a beautiful color, but if the tag makes you uneasy you should return it.
  8. Sam, I forgot that you bought the beautiful tan bag as well recently!

    I can see why you are not so sure, because the tan is slightly warmer in much richer in colour than the taupe which is a little more grey based, but they are very different bags, I think the slouch works well in the Taupe, but even on sale, its alot of money, so just keep looking at it and see if it grows on you :smile:.
  9. Hello there :flowers:

    Have you used your baby spy yet :smile: :graucho:
  10. Julie

    If I decide I am not going to keep it do you want first tabs on it before I send it back?

  11. Ditto. :yes:

    It looks good to me (very good, in fact! :biggrin: ), unlike that Chocolate one on Authenticate This!
  12. Incidentally, has anyone noticed that one of the Paddies on NAP (one of the ones used for pics) is missing one of its studs?!

    I was playing 'spot the difference', when I noticed it! :lol:
  13. of course ;)
    but see if it grows on you first :love:

    I love it, mind you, I have had two bottles of pinot :upsidedown:
  14. Wow! Well spotted, you would think they would have noticed!

    (Julie, my baby Fendi has been on many outings since she arrived....I feel bad for neglecting my paddies!! But she is so cute and a great size to carry in this heat we have been having!):cutesy:
  15. :roflmfao: Pinot?? feeling jealous! :lol: