1. I recently like to eat Gyros (lamb) with [SIZE=-1]tzatziki dressing...mmmmm~so hungry now!!! However tzatziki contains lots of ingredients, so I don't make it myself, always take out. :drool: Do you like it? Where is the best gyros in Chicago?
  2. Ohh, I tried it once when my friend ordered one. I got a turkey wrap and after a bite of hers I wish I had ordered a gyros!
  3. How do you pronounce Gyros?
  4. Pronounced "year-oh" traditionally, or more contemporarily "gy-ro"
  5. mmm love gyro , my grandmother used to make them whenever she'd found fresh lamb meat and she makes a killer tzatziki too
    I don't enjoy eating them in a fast food though because they use precooked frozen meat
  6. Thanks a bunch! :idea:
  7. Oh this sounds so good! YUM!
  8. mmmm so good.. and living in NYC gets me access to this wonderful food almost everywhere I turn
  9. It is hard to find good gyros in Texas--however, there is a Chicago-style restaurant that has authentic greek food--excellent gyros!!
  10. mm... love them meat hives!! getting a shwarma sandwich right now!
  11. Love, Love, Love Gyros!!!
  12. Gyros or greek souvlaki is our national snack. It is our hotdog. Tzatziki is very easy to make. You need full fat yogurt smashed garlic and very finely grated cucamber that you have removed the skin(in quantities of your preference). The traditional gyros is made from pork and not lamp. In fact in Greece you can not find in traditional restaurants lamp gyros(eastern habit) but usually pork and chicken.
  13. mmmm those are like one of my favorite foods but I havent had one in YEARS. I used to go to OLGAS and those were pretty good. Darn now my tummy is grumbling!!!
  14. I don't know how to make it so I buy it!
    It's sooooo goood!
    You're making me have a craving for it!
    The t sauce is yummy too!