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  1. looking good! looks GREAT on you
  2. What a great bag! I bet this will become a staple, looks so versatile!
    And wow, your hair has grown! Looks amazing!
  3. it looks great on you pm! :heart:
  4. The title of this thread sounds so yummy! As does the leather of your Lisa! Congrats! It looks great on you!
  5. The Lisa looks great on you pm. I love the gold harware and brown colour combination :cloud9: Congrats on finding a bag that you love.
  6. Thanks so much, girls!! Can't wait to take it for a spin! (And thanks again for the hair compliments - I'd tried to curl it and was doing this weird Jennifer Aniston ala first season of Friends thang in the front, lol.)
  7. gorgeous!!!
  8. love the color!! congrats!
  9. how pretty! it looks awesome on you
  10. pure chocolatey awesomeness!

    The lush brown and gold are very elegant together and I like ur pjs tres relaxed-chic :biggrin:
  11. I thought I commented already. Strange. I must be possessed..

    Lovely bag! It looks awesome on! Great modelling pics. So what were you saying about needing to drop pounds?!?! You're so fit already!!!
  12. Thanks so much, everyone!! :hugs:

    SCO, sorry to hear about the possession. Tried to find a card to mail you but there's a distinct gap in the market when it comes to "Happy Exorcism" cards. :P
    Also, baggy jammies make great camo. If I took nekkid modeling pics you'd see why I need to lose weight. And you'd run screaming. And I'd get banned. So take my word for it. :amuse:
  13. Lovely... and yes, I would eat the bag ;)
  14. :lol: Thanks so much! Too bad it doesn't actually curb my cravings for sweets;)
  15. Looks great on you...yummy chocolate brown! Congrats!