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  1. This was a complete impulse purchase and I actually assumed that once it arrived I would decide I couldn't keep it as I bought another (cheat) bag over the weekend. The moment I opened the box I knew that wasn't happening! :biggrin: Talk about love at first sight! This color is soooo gorgeous!! The shape and size are perfect for me and I love the strap drop and snap opening as well (even though I've never been nuts about how the top of snap closure bags line up, I love the convenience). So glad I took a chance on this beauty! Presenting my new to me chocolate brown Lisa!! :love:
    (Please excuse my scrubbed out clothes. Decided 5:00 was jammie time today! :P)

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  2. Yummmmmy!!! Congrats!!
  3. Oooh that leather looks good enough to eat! :biggrin: I love a good chocolate brown leather. It looks great on you PM!
  4. PM, the leather looks very thick and rich. You wear it well! Congrats!
  5. so yummy! love it! congrats lady!
  6. Thanks so much, girls! I'm getting down to bare bones with my bag collection so a nice brown bag will a really versatile addition. Love colorful bags but I've found they're just not as practical for me. This one will get a lot of use. Loving the gold HW against the dark brown leather. *does happy dance*
  7. PM! This bag looks like the perfect fit for you! I really like that shade of brown! Didn't you ask me about the Lisa not too long ago? I'm so sorry if I didn't get back to you.....Hope you enjoy it!
  8. OMG! you got it! just GORGEOUS!!! and the brown with the gold HW is just understated class! she looks amazing on you PM!!
  9. Love this!!!!!!! The color looks scrum-didly-uptuous!!!
    SO great for fall!
  10. Yummy chocolate! Who can so no to that? Congrats PM! She looks great on you! I guess she's a keeper?
  11. Oh, that is delicious! The gold hardware, zipper, rich color :drool: It looks perfect on you. Congrats!

    By the way, I love your hair!
  12. Definitely a keeper! I'm a sucker for a brown bag anyways, and this color just makes my heart skip a beat. SIL, thanks so much for the hair compliment - I was feeling very frustrated by it today so that means a lot!
  13. yay!! great bag! this is a wonderful staple for any collection. i'm glad you found a keeper!
  14. Thanks, Thithi!
  15. oooo yummy PM!! its really luscious! congrats!